Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow White

My niece had to have this Snow White cake. She is turning 4 and loves all the princesses right now. This cake also come with 25 cupcakes with little animals from the forest on top. this makes the perfect cake. Cupcakes are great with the kids and the cleanup is easy.

Circuit Board

This 11x15" cake is perfect for that computer geek in your life.

Hello Kitty

Customize this cake with your favorite character.

Little Devil

For the little devil in your life.

Pink Pony

Every little girls dream. This cake could be customized to match any style pony you wish for.


This cake is perfect for that Super-Hero in your life. Iced in Buttercream.

Big Mac Attack

This is just a fun cake. Made of pound cake and chocolate cake all iced in buttercream. The tomatoes are cookies covered in red poured icing, lettuce is gummi candies rolled out in sugar. Who wouldn't love Cookies, cake and candy all in one!

Chocolate and Strawberries

What could be better than strawberry cake with chocolate buttercream icing with fresh strawberries on top. What a great summer treat!

Gingerbread Go-Round

This two tiered cake is perfect for that special December occasion. Bottom tier is chocolate and top tier is vanilla. Topped with gumdrops and candy canes this is a buttercream lovers delight.

Rubber Ducky

This cake makes a great baby shower cake. Duck is made of pound cake with buttercream frosting and little pond is white cake with rolled fondant. The best of both worlds if you like fondant and buttercream.

Purple Pansy

Say "Simple yet Elegant" with this cake with fondant pansy flowers in a cute little box atop a vanilla cake with buttercream ruffles.

Flying High

These 2 planes were done for my nephew Garrison's 2nd Birthday. He loves airplanes so the theme was positioned around them. Depending on the amount of guests you could do many different versions of the airplane.

Fit For A Prince

Double layers of cake with buttercream icing. Topped off with a crown made of fondant, painted with edible silver paint.

Guitar Hero

tri-level cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents all along with a big chocolate guitar.

Diamonds & Pearls

Imagine three layers of moist delicious cake, wrapped in buttercream with a fondant overlay. This cake has all three things wrapped up in a elegant package.